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Gov't Jobs
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PROGENAL VICEROY (similar to state governor)
The following Progenies are available:

Progeny Ideas for Governmental focus of progeny
Azah Tourism center of Kryous.  Immigration and visitation policies.
Baten-Kaitos Environmental concerns.   Trade, transportation, agriculture, fishing, forestry....
Diphida Up for discussion
Dheneb Good place for discussions and postings.  Neutrality
Menkar Allready taken
Mira Mass media center of the country.  Newspapers, TV, etc.....
Pisces Territory is not yet being organized.
Jostan Territory is not yet being organized.

Duties Include but are not limited to:
Creation / Maintenance of Progeny website.
Day to day tasks concerning the Progeny.
Interaction with consulate and monarchy.
Create a "look" for the Progeny.
Organize the territory into Kincadres via text, maps, etc.
Help can be expected from of the Ambassaor and other officials.
<NOTE> you must be an accepted citizen.  See the KIB home page to apply.

Jobs may vary depending upon the applicant's skills and preference of work.
You do not have to be an accepted citizen, however it is prefered.

For more details concerning any position please contact the Ambassador at

Last updated on:  Friday, September 06, 2002