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KIB would like to extend a warm welcome to all future citizens of Kryous.  We realize that there isn't a great multitude of information about us yet; however, because of this we are engaging in relatively open immigration to encourge participation in the growth of the country as a whole.  Numerous opportunities are available to those who are creative and serious about their work.  So if you are interested in holding an important position in the life of Kryous, please give this offer serious thought, as the requirements for citizenship are likely to become more selective.

Thank you for your time,
KIB Senior Staff

Application for Citizenship

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Which progeny do you wish to live in? 

Interested in holding a govt position? 
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* - you may choose to use an appropriate alias rather than your actual name.

< NOTE > Please allow adequate time for processing.  This could take up to two weeks.
                   Once our decision has been made you will be notified via offical transcript from KIB.

If you checkmark that you are interested in a government position.  We will be sure to notify you of positions as they become available.

Last updated :  Thursday, September 05, 2002