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Telephone   Kryous boasts an extensive fiber-optic digital relayed telephone network in which
                       telephone numbers are utilized sequentially to prevent wasted numbers.
                       Kryous' phone system also allows fixed line phones to dial *number combinations.
                       The format of phone numbers are as follows PP-DD-####.
                                    PP = progeny code
                                    DD= divisionary code
                                    #### = local number
                        To place a call within the country you must dial all numbers.
                        Kryous does not charge per minute long distance fees for calls placed between
                        progenies/territories.  Each subscriber pays a 4.2 monthly intraconnect fee.
                        Calls placed to points outside of the Kryous network are subject to per minute
                        fees from your respective long distance carrier.

Cellular         Cellular phone service is available throughout the country.
                        Cellular phone subscribers are subject to the same fees/long distance charges
                        as fixed line phone numbers.

Pagers            Pager service is available from most cellular service providers.

Progeny Codes    A way to remember Prog. codes is to look for the alpha representation on the
                                keypad.  For example:  Azah uses 24 (AH) & 29 (AZ)  whereas Menkar is 65 (MK)

Azah 24 /29
Baten-Kaitos 25
Dheneb 32 /36
Diphida 37
Jostan (Johnston Atoll) All Islands 58
Menkar 65
Mira 62 /64 /67
Pisces (All Islands) 77
Consuate Capital 22
Monarchy Capital 59
Other Govt. Lines 49
Cellular/Pgr/Fax 91 - 99
Toll Free 90
Pay per min 20
Emergency *00
Directory Asst. *11